I had the pleasure of meeting Ekta Chheda when I contacted her for nutrition advice for my aunt who was being treated for Colon Cancer. She had tried many different ways to gain weight during her treatment before starting chemotherapy. During the process of her treatment, she was unsuccessful in doing so. With Oncoheal’s program, she was able to learn to understand the food she ate and how her body works with that food. Ekta did not restrict her eating habits but showed her how to read labels and introduce healthier living. Through the program, my aunt stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that she was learning to change her life. I found Ekta to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and health. She has a very strong science foundation which she resourcefully utilizes in her decision making process. I highly recommend Oncoheal and its programs to people undergoing treatment for cancer. I wish Oncoheal all the best and hope to continue its services in the same way and transform more lives. Thank you